Our Philosophy

Child Care Bellingham MA

Our Philosophy is to provide a loving, nurturing, and safe learning environment. It is designed for the children to foster their creativity through play. Children learn to like themselves, and the world around them through their social interaction and play with other children. Our environment is designed to promote the social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development of each child. The classrooms are made of learning centers that provide hands on learning experiences, social interaction, problem solving skills, and dramatic play. Curriculum activities are centered on the individual child so that they may learn and grow comfortably at their own pace. We provide a balance of free choice, and structured activities. This enables the child to make their own choices, and build on their own ideas while developing the ability to listen and learn from directions. These structured and free choice activities focus on areas of art exploration, math, science, dramatic play, fine and gross motor exploration, and reading readiness activities.

Through the use of teacher observations, parent-teacher conferences, and student portfolios the teachers track the student’s progress throughout the year. We have an open door policy and welcome parent input and participation. We firmly believe that a strong home-school relationship is instrumental to the success of each child.

Our goal is to enable your child to grow in all areas of development to his or her fullest potential, with the love, nurturing, and guidance needed.

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Providing high quality care to children
and families in the Grafton area.